Sunday, March 30, 2014

Never Say Never

So many parents and family members have had to hear the news, "I'm sorry, your child has________"  This is often followed by a litany of statements beginning with "never" and "can't."

Your son will never be able to...
Your daughter can't....
You can't expect...
She never will...
He won't ever....

But this is doesn't have be the way it really is for your child.  I have been blessed by so many families who heard all those nevers and can't and responded with, "you want to bet on that?"

This young man lives in one of those families.  His parents were told he would never talk, it says so in all the medical texts in relation to his syndrome.  His pallet is misshapen but he doesn't "have the capacity" anyway.  His mom and dad had the courage and strength to not listen to the medical textbook, but rather, to listen to their son and their heart.  You see, he was constantly attempting to talk.  They got him a Vantage and he could use it to talk more fluidly than the salesperson but still, he wanted to talk with his voice. 

So, his parents set out to find a doctor that would try to repair his pallet.  They were judged by so many to "be in denial" or "refusing to hear what we know from medical science."  But still, they moved forward.  They had to travel several states away and spend the summer in a hospital and then rehabilitation and therapy, but they did it for him.  6 short months later, the journey was rewarded beyond anyone's hope.  Or at least, beyond the hope of those on the outside looking in.  For his parents, they were not surprised, just grateful.

Do you want to hear what love, courage, and strength sounds like?

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Strength, Courage and Wisdom = Hope: The Sequel

I'm Back!  And better than ever...

I can't believe it has been more than two years since I published Strength, Courage and Wisdom = Hope.  I stated my goals to do more, impact more families, and become the leader that I knew I could be.

Today, I can say, that has happened.  I didn't know where the journey would lead me.  I didn't know then that I would work with an entire team of leaders who are driven by passion, commitment, and dedication.  I didn't even know at that time that you could find a team 100% on board and dedicated.  I'm here to say, those teams are there, they exist, and all of us should be fortunate enough to work with people for whom the time together energizes and excites you.  I wish that for everyone.

Of course, the journey wasn't simple or clear.  It did, after all, take 2 years.  But each day was worth it because I can appreciate the chance I have been given.  So, I'm settling in to my new role and ready to take up the pen (well, okay, its actually a keyboard). 

Thanks for waiting for me, and all the support so many of you have given to me each and every day.  I will be posting more often.  In fact, my next post will capture your heart as it contains an incredible video (yes, this is a teaser as that story deserves its own headline.)

Mrs. G Wiz