Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lost Kids!?!

The goal I have for all my students is that they are “lost” in a group of their peers.  No, don’t panic!  I don’t actually want to lose them.  What I am talking about is the moment that their social skills, behaviors, and actions are so age appropriate that you no longer see:

child… child… student with a disability… child

or worse yet:

child…child…    ….   ….   … student with a disability and para

I am referring to the moment that the student is a peer, a friend, a playmate.  It is the greatest moment for me as a special education teacher.  But it has also caused moments of panic as the paraprofessional, teacher, or parent suddenly couldn’t find the student.  For a brief moment, the fear that they are lost over takes our heart.  The next minute, we realize that our every hope for that child is met, at least for the moment. 

This past weekend was an example of that.  Some of my students went to a Special Olympics basketball tournament.  I was home sick in bed and missed it but a parent kept me in the loop through texting and these photos.  It was then that I saw that “lost” moment.  All the kids are playing well.  You can’t tell who has the disability and who is the peer partner.   

You only see kids, playing basketball, and winning second place.  (Okay, that was just bragging but after all, they are my kids, I should get to brag.)

Yes, last weekend, my kids were “lost” and it was a great victory!

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