Tuesday, November 29, 2011


There is so much to be grateful for and celebrate, even in these hard economic times.  Here are my top 10 reasons to be grateful that I teach:

10.  I get to meet and know so many amazing families.

 9.  I am able to create a day that works for me and my students.

 8. The moment the “light bulb” goes on and a child suddenly “gets it.”

 7. A plethora of crayon draws, watercolor pictures, and love letters from students decorate the wall by my desk

 6.  I have 10 little faces great me each morning with excitement.

 5.  Meeting with parents at an annual IEP meeting (special education plan) to let the parents know their child exceeded our expectations

 4.  Watching students read to their friends and teachers for the first time.

 3.  Seeing a child stand on stage and sing with their peers after years of being afraid of crowds.

 2.  A parent being able to take their child to see Santa for the first year ever because the child knows how to handle waiting in line, greeting strangers, and sitting with someone in a costume.

1.     The laughter, giggles, and honest things kids say.

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